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Luminary Wings of Love

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The Crown Chakra Alignment 30 day healing journey is now available to book. This journey includes 

Information on the Crown Chakra &

Overall Alignment

Tools to Explore and Use

2 Reiki Sessions to heal and balance Chakras

2 Pick a Pile Readings

Daily Activities 

Group chat access for support and direct access to me 

Option to include products to help heal that includes a crystal, chakra oil, tea, and any additional products I'm inspired to make for this session


Join the party and see what may be coming into your life. Mel who has predicted lots of babies, new starts and changes for people will be doing it live for those who secure a prediction. All are welcomed to watch! Book your spot below

New & Exciting things are happening and I would like to share these exciting announcements!
INTRODUCING- mini messages
Book a reading with Mel that has a 1-2 day turn around and answers the questions you have with the perfect oracle cards or book a pendulum reading. 
Check out our New Spotlight Practitioners and the services they are offering- book a reading, breathwork classes, and chakra healing session 
Luminary Wings AkA Mel is now offering Prediction Parties online through YouTube live events
30 Day Chakra Healing Journeys Schedules are posted each month
Reiki Candle Work was a HIT! The next flame of transmutation reiki session will be January 28th


Providing Healing, Help and Harmony 

through Reiki, Tarot & Life Coaching


Allow the Light to Shine on Your Soul

Luminary Wings of Love offers personal and group healing options. The goal is to make healing accessible and affordable no matter what may be a person's current position. The creation of  this company was inspired  by my personal healing journey in which my transformation was supported and the cocoon of friends, family and guides provided me help through love. As a result of seeing healing has hard times but with a circle of loving help it is possible to be uplifted and happy during transformative times. I am now on a mission to spread the universal light, love and support that I experienced to others. I am a certified Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Tarot and Oracle card reader. I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others with the universal light. My spiritual abilities, education and personal life experiences help me to shed happiness, love and most importantly clarity to clients. It is my pleasure to shine bright and spread the loving healing experience I had. Together we can journey into your past, current and/or future to find the answers you are seeking. I look forward to joining you on your healing journey and working with you. Please feel open to connecting with me through my contact information if you have additional questions.  Thank you for visiting my website, please explore my services, prices and monthly subscription options.

Spiritual Services

I offer a range of tarot and oracle readings that are designed to help encourage clarity, strength, healing and guidance. My readings are designed to cater to all needs whether it be a quick question or multiple questions. The readings range from 2 cards talks to unlimited multi-deck card 1 hour reading session. One of the most popular readings I offer is the personal monthly overview reading that helps give insight to what to expect while utilizing tarot, oracle, crystals and numbers in the spread. The Distant Reiki sessions are designed to provide energy healing, spiritual growth, physical healing and other benefits of Reiki. Life Coaching sessions include setting goals and finding the best solutions to complete them with  positive reinforcement of support.

Explore more details about the services below.

Introducing Spotlight





Group Reiki

Each month  there will be  group distant reiki to help cleanse our spiritual energy. The sessions will cover different topics and help release us from negative energy. All sessions include protecting our energy with a protective reiki bubble. Check the monthly options  by clicking the link below

Chakra Healing Journeys

This is a service that helps balance and heal chakras. Each month will focus on a new chakra. Each Journey is 30 days.



Sign up for Throat Chakra Healing is currently available

Session Begins

November 3, 2022

Monthly Subscriptions

Now Available!

Join a monthly subscription that fits your spiritual healing needs. There are 2 groups you can join. Each group has a combination of deals, tarot and reiki benefits. 

New Services

There are new services such as life coaching sessions, pet reiki, couple's reiki, Connect with Passed over love ones reading, Prediction parties. Check out the announcement page for more information, prices and launch dates.

Happy, Fulfilled Clients

Mel is amazing! She gave me the answers that I needed and was extremely helpful. She was very detailed and I felt like she was a family member giving me advice through my reading. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of reading. She hands down will be the only one I trust with my readings from now on. You will not be disappointed! -Nia K.

Multi-Deck Reading Review

Join the Convo

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FAQs, Refunds & Disclaimer

Do you have questions about my service, prices and policies?

Please click the link below to see questions to the most common questions.

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