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Everyone's needs and questions are different. Below are some of the most common questions I receive but please feel free to email me or hit the 'let's chat" button.

Most Common Questions

Is Reiki a religion?

No, reiki is not a religion and is not connected to any religions. The person who practices reiki may add their religious beliefs or habits into the services. Its best to ask if a practitioner does or doesn't. 

How often should I get Reiki? 

Each person's needs are different. Some people interact with a lot of energies on a daily basis while others do not. This is not always about the number of people you're around but more so the exchanges of energy. I do offer a recommendation services for $10. The service reviews your day to day life and any upcoming events or past experiences to help evaluate what is the best service to book and the path of services and frequencies you should get certain services. 

Do you offer typed readings?

My readings are audio recordings unless included in group reiki sessions. However, i am aware that audio is not the best fit for everyone and upon request will do a typed reading. When booking the service in the notes section request the reading to be typed. 

Refund Policy & Disclaimer

Refund Policy- All bookings are final and not refundable. If a reiki session is missed I will do my best to reschedule but there are no guarantees on being rescheduled or on the new date  being close to the original scheduled date. Funds can be allocated to group reiki sessions or a request for products of the equal value including the price of shipping.  

Disclaimer- My services are not guaranteed to be accurate or unfold the way guides tell me and relay to you. Any advice given to you is only advice and you are not obligated in any way to take it, however if you take the advice or implement changes and do not like the outcome I and my company are not legally responsible. Predictions can become void due to energy always changing and this can cause the future to not be what was told to you during a reading. Please book with confidence that I can relay messages but the results may vary and the future is yours to live and not mine to tell. I enjoy my gifts and I love to share them with all who would like to book a service or appointment with me. I am not responsible for any outcomes or unfortunate information you learn. Life Coaching is a form of assistant to life patterns and is not therapy and should not be used as therapy. The goal is only to help reach a goal and find the best pathway to get there. Reiki results vary and the outcomes are different for everyone. Book with the understanding I can not control who or what enters or leaves your life after a reiki session, it is all based on your soul's journey and needs and the decisions you choose to make alone and in conjunction with guides..

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