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Reiki Services


Reiki can help reduce anxiety, physical pain and help improve sleep. Help aid in connecting you with your higher self and support you through your healing journey. These sessions delve into your innermost feelings to help you sort out current issues in your life. Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible using the methods of cord cutting and energetic clearing. Don’t leave it to chance, book now to get the healing and channeled messages you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and more. 

What is Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing method. An alterative to traditional medicine that can help reduce anxiety and pain.  Reiki can be performed in person as well as distant. Distant reiki is just as effective for healing and pain relief.

I practice Usui reiki- a Japanese  style of reiki. The deities I work with is the Archangels. During sessions I will include your spirit team as well. Reiki sessions generally provide relaxation, positive energy increases and better sleep. There are reports of alleviation of physical pains as well. Reiki has the ability to help cut soul ties, remove energetic blockages/attachments and cleanse environments-including our energy exchange portals known as chakras.  

Available Services

Short & Sweet- $20

Pet Reiki-$20

Grief Relief - $50

Cord Cutting Services- $55-88

Inside & Out- $63-133

Emerging Cocoon Group

Reiki Blessings

Price Range $5-$35

Chakra Healing Journeys -

Money Blessings- 

Love Blessings

Business Blessings

Feel Good Blessings

Tarot Services


Tarot can help in many ways. Messages from tarot and oracle cards can increase awareness, bring self improvement, remove doubts, help bring confidence, and connect you with your spiritual support team while you receive helpful important information from the universe. 


2 Card Talk-$11.11

5 Card Talk-$21.11

10 Card Talk-$33.33

Love Reading-$45

Fertility Reading-$45

Healing With Angels-$50

A Talk with Heaven-$50

Self Awareness & Alignment-$55

Month Outlook- $65

1 Hour Live- $75

Life Coaching

Life Coach

Life Coaches support a client's goal with goal-setting assistance, personal growth, and behavior modification of  present behaviors that may be stunting the growth of clients. Life Coaches goals are to help people to achieve their  personal goals by improving different actions necessary to take control of the present and future for clients.

Life coaching

Life coaches assist clients improve personal  relationships, set and achieve career goals, and balance their daily lives. Life coaching can help you clarify your goals, set realistic time of completion, identify current obstacles or confusions. Life Coaching is not therapy but can help you come up with strategies for overcoming difficulties in your life.

Life Coach 

During a life coaching session you and I will assess the current goal you have. During this assessment we will see which methods are working and not working. devise a plan to help reach the goal you have. These sessions will have a combination of planning, encouragement, journaling, self searching and affirmative speaking!

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