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Violet Flame of Transmutation w/ Reading

Renew Your Soul Inside and Out

  • 21.11 US dollars
  • Recorded Reading via Email

Service Description

The violet flame of transmutation is one of the strongest entities to call on for transmuting struggles, blockages, pains and distress into a positive energy and eliminating these negativities from your life. In combination with myself, Archangels that are present and your ancestors and guides that come forth we will use the time of the flames burning to help remove toxic energies, patterns and people from your life. The candles will be reiki programmed to adhere to the intention you set when you book your spot and help eliminate that as well as anything else your guides see fit. This session is based on the inside and out reiki session I offer but with others to help keep the cost of healing lower as well. The goal is to help people stay on a spiritual cleansing regimen and keep the spiritual hygiene practices easier to maintain. The session will focus on both your internal energy of thoughts, emotions, blockages, harmful habits and traumas. As well as exterior blockages from outside sources, negative environments and connections. There will also be reiki sent to the environment in which you’re in while the session is going. You will need to be in a relaxed and quiet environment during the session. This session will include •Negative Energy Removal •Aura Cleanse & Rebalance •Universal Cord Cutting & Void Filling •Chakra Clearing & Alignment • Protection Bubble • Audio Reading via Email

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are non refundable. You must be 18 or older to book any appointment. You are responsible to read and understand the policies. Reiki Clients are required to be available for any scheduled Reiki Sessions. This means being in a relaxed state to receive the benefits of the session. If for any reason a client is not available for the 5 minute prior check-in the client will be considered unavailable and forfeit their appointment. There will be no guarantee for rescheduling as rescheduling will be based on availability. Clients are responsible to read all the details of the website and email correspondences. REIKI APPOINTMENTS -Reiki Session bookings will be performed at the allotted time and date booked. Clients must respond to the Check-in email that will be sent 5-10 minutes prior to their reiki sessions to be considered present and ensure receiving the distant reiki session. READING APPOINTMENTS- I use the booking times to help ensure there is no overbooking for readings. The time slots are for confirmation and ordering purposes. I will deliver the reading by email within a maximum of 14 days. The starting time for the 14 days is from the listed date and time of booking and not the purchasing time. The appointment length is also used to ensure Overbooking does not occur, and is not the actual length of a reading. For example, a Love Reading has a 30 minute slot but the recording may be 20-40 minutes. RESULTS- I, my company or associates hold no liability for any decisions or actions you make after receiving information and services. The information is for awareness and any advice given is not to be used as a life guidance but a suggestion. If you choose to take the advice and place any changes into actions it will be on your own will. Please note energy is always changing and each decision we make influences our life and path. All readings and reiki is done based on the current energy in that time, future information may be accessible but the timing can always change and result may not be exact. Interpreting messages can be slightly confusing and its important to take that into consideration when hearing and reviewing information. Always keep your life, life experiences and personal symbolism in the forefront of your mind.

Contact Details

+1+ 7608204838

282 Old Woman Springs Rd, Yucca Valley, CA 92284, USA Suite B PMB 501

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